Saturday, 1 September 2012

Crushed - K.C. Blake (The Witch Game #1)

*4 stars* And yet again, another try at ARR. And a very successful one as well.

A rather different take on ''sisters in magic''. The first though that sprag to mind was a mix between Sabrina and the Charmed sisters. Neither turned out to be even a bit similar. The triplets were impulsive and rather egoistic, treating magic more than a game than something important.Through the novel we wittness them grom up and realise the true value of the gifts they have and each other.

The action in Titan High took off quickly, becoming almost an instant page turner. I really enjoyed the unpredictability of it. After reading all kind of books, it gets harder and harder to be taken by a surprise, but Crushed managed it wonderfully. Already from the beginning it drew me completely in. At times it was cartoonishly funny. Almost anime-like. I so imagined Zach frantically spinning around, trying to find a place to spit the "witch concoction". Haaah!

Main characters are fun and different. How often have you encountered pretty and terrorising triplets in their senior year, of whom two are identical "twins"? Already promising. And it gets better. They're all so different. And the hero. He actually manages to hate the girl pretty successfully, not like other sparkly creatures, I might name. Khmkhm.They did change in the midst of the action and were not as fun or impulsive as at first, but I guess that was kind of the point.

The characters were quick. There was no beating around the bush or wallowing over a painfully obvious truths. They actually managed to act like every other sensible character would. Following them was logical. I enjoyed the interaction between the sisters. All of them had their certain role while dealing with each other. So typical and sweet.

The second half did come across a  bit slower and at times, even repetitive. Still, the villain was believable and the danger kept me reading well enough. It wasn't the first time meeting a character like her, but she was well thought through. The lies and deception made her pretty scary.

In the end I can't say it enough, but the plot was made of pure awesomeness - full of giddiness and surprises. Quick and enjoyable read. Even the last chapter managed to be charmingly surprising. We had action, romance, sibling rivalry, banter, sexual tension and the plot was thick with lot of different characters. Superawesome! And it managed to be seriously scary. Everything a book needs to glue you to the pages :)

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