Thursday, 6 September 2012

Game of Thrones - George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #1)

*5 stars* grading a book has never been so easy and impossible at the same time! Winter is coming.

Truly an epic beginning to an amazing journey. The world is dark and sinister and cruel. At start we thrown right into the midst of the action. It was confusing and took some time to get to know the characters. And when finally familiar with all the names, I half thought of returning to the beginning. I'm sure it was full of little things I had now way of noticing. But it was worth it. Out of the shadows shaped out real people with flaws and mistakes.

I loved the universe the author built.  And yes. Even with all the physical, logical and geographical etc. impossibilities and plot-holes. It was awesome! At times it was a bit difficult to follow all the greatgreat uncles and nieces of the main characters and all the classical intrigues between them. It tended to get a bit draggy and outright boring even. But when finally getting back to that seemingly draggy part through another character in the other end of the world with a completely different point of view and then connecting the dots... Let's just say it again. It was awesome.

What really won the was for me was the way the it drew me in and made it believable.(HBOs show might have helped with the image part a bit, but anyways,) The description and style made the environment come alive and gave real emotion to the written words.  I'm hooked.

I could feel the characters developing and changing after every chapter. My personal favourites were the Starks. Winterfell! The idea of direwolves just makes me shiver. In a good way. Especially the discovery of the wolf pups. With the Starks grew up a Snow. "Bastards grow up faster." It's hard, but oddly fitting as well. Lord Snow was another intriguing character. His impossible sense of honour, duty and a secret wish of his fathers love. The wall was a scary place. I loved the bits we were given to see of the world behind. I think he can finally shine there. In his element.

Of course I hated the Lannisters. Golden bastards. That sums them up pretty well.
My most favourites however were the Targaryens. Daenerys is one of the strongest and truest characters. I rooted for her, held my breath for her and finally almost wept for her. My absolute favourite female character in the epic fantasy genre.

Not much left, but the ending. I can't even bring myself call it a cliffhanger. It basically ended in midst of a sentence. If I didn't have a next instalment waiting I'd be the first in line in my local book store tomorrow. Aww yeah. Awesome.

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