Thursday, 30 August 2012

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout (Lux #2)

*4.5* KYAAAAA!!!!!
I can't believe it's already over. Again!! I loved it. I did, I did, I did!

So. Starting from the beginning. Some of you might have noticed my obsession with the Lux series for quite some time already (like seen in Obsidian and waiting-for-Onyx post). The feeling after finally finishing a book I've waited for so passionately is frankly a bit overwhelming. I feel speechless.

Before reading I already noticed people arguing which of the series was better. Both of them were amazing, yet I feel Obsidian was a bit more fresh? I was totally new to the idea of aliens etc, but now I already knew, what to expect. I think it's inevitable and I'm totally okay with it.

It's once again action-packed swoon-worthy  demonstration of Ms Armentrouts amazing skill. I liked how the intonation of the book was so different from the previous one. The action picked up and then slowed down again, all the time reminding the reader, that it's far from being over. Awesome! If they're as amazing as the Lux series, then she just might be my new favourite author ^^

The reason however, why Onyx did not get the perfect 5 from me was just that even though I really loved it, I felt Obsidian wowed me a teeny bit more. And I know I gave Obsidian the same score and now I really feel like I should go back and make it 5. xD

I was also pleased to notice the development in the relationships between characters. For some weird and twisted reason, I even enjoyed Ash. A type I usually despise. And of course, all the other Luxens - Adam and Dee, Matthew! Kya! Even now I can't stop smiling. There are also new characters introduced. I'm not a fan of them, but for the sake of plot, I approve :D And then there's the truckload of sexual tension and banter. You've sure read the teasers we were teased so mercilessly with for such a long time. (If not, check them out NOW!) Now, imagine a whole 376 pages filled in a similar manner. It leaves me gasping for air!

Katys obsession with blogging, books and reading overall made me smile so wide. I so know the feeling! It was such a huge way to identify with her and make her world so much more real. I'm sure it has caused a huge book bloggers upraising somewhere. And then Daemon crashing Katys book review video. Just hilarious. I so wish this video existed for real. I totally would abuse the Replay button. 

The ending was truly mind blowing. Cliffhanger much? And just like I finished the review of Obsidian, How on Earth am I supposed to wait for the Opal!?

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