Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Seduction and Snacks - Tara Sivec (Chocolate Lovers #1)

*5 stars* A wonderful must-read! I laughed, I giggled and I held my stomach as tears of mirth ran down my face. Literally. 

It's thoroughly an adult book, dealing with unexpected pregnancies, raising kids and at the same time trying to maintain at least some social life. The story was sweet and beautiful. I don't remember laughing my ass off like this, at a book. Ever. It was witty, funny and sexy as hell and I could just see everything happening before my eyes while reading.

"As soon as I took eleventy-billion home pregnancy tests, after drinking a gallon of milk so I would have enough pee for all of them, I realized I needed to hunt this guy down. Of course, this was after I Googled "milk and pregnancy tests" to make sure I didn't just spend thirty-seven minutes of my life staring in horror at positive pregnancy tests littered all over my bathroom that may or may not be correct because pasteurization messed with the hormones in your body and created a false positive."

And lets just say Gavin was extremely adorable. Already four, he was a big boy running around and yelling obscenities.  Hilarities ensue.

 "Papa says your friends Johnny, Jack and Jose maded you sick. Friends shouldn't do stuff like that, Mommy. If Luke maded me sick, I'd punch him in the nuts!" "Gavin! Come on, we don't say things like that," I scolded him. "Fine," he huffed. "I'd tickle him in the nuts." Jesus Christ on a waffle cone. There's a reason why some animals in the wild eat their young.

I could go on and on quoting the rest of the book, but that would rather miss the point of the review. The fact is, that I loved it. I read it in a day and would without a thought recommend it to everybody. Well, probably PG14 more likely. Amongst the fun and witty are hidden pretty sharp puns about the "real" life of an adult. So yeah, go for it!!

And there's a sequel! Futures and Frostings is supposed to be released in October. I'm all excited, but also a little nervous. The ending was perfect. I'm not sure I'm up to dealing with some inevitable, but still , downfalls between Carter and Claire. And Gavin is going to grow up! The pouty toddler was at times my favourite! But, I'm excited! I love her style and I'll be sure to check it out!


  1. This sounds like a great book, thanks for the awesome review.

    1. Thanks so much! I warmly recommend, a bellyful of laugh!