Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins (The Sweet Trilogy #1)

*3.5 stars* My emotions after finishing: OK. Done. Next! I liked it. Pretty cover. Nothing more.

Once again I was swayed by all the uber-hype around Sweet Evil.  And I still don't exactly see, why? I really should already know better.Yes, a new turn on all the angel-demon-nephilim is cool and all, but we still need some plot as well, besides an awesome idea.

The Dukes were cool. All high and bossy, treating their Nephilim kids lower than humans. And thats all awesome, for the sake of plot, BUT, that was all. Literally. The world was flattened down due to lack of any emotions. Anna bawling her eyes out and sulking leaves me rather nonplussed. I liked her father as well, but the joyful reunion made me roll my eyes. Really?

At the beginning I liked Anna, the ultimate good girl. In her, good and evil met. Her fathers legacy let her extremely vulnerable to all ind of substances. The story of her developing senses and growing pains sounded for once believable. Her character had so much potential, but still, she came off as emotional, as a 5 year old. It absolutely failed to convey any feelings to me. While reading, I felt as touched as a rock. I lost count how many times she decided to do something and at the next moment already forgot about it. Girl!

And then came Kaidan. I was glued to the book reading the first chapters the met. So much tension, so many possibilities. Gaaah! How did it turn out such a cry fest? At least he managed to downplay all the angst.

After endless tears and darkness the ending managed to salvage at least some of the good I experienced. The unexpected visitors finally picked up some pace. I wish they had made an earlier entrance. Would have been much more interesting *yawn* I liked, how she "washed" herself clean. The rain and soft sunlight were a nice touch. A really promising "new" beginning. If only she could stick to her decisions for once. But I already have a feeling, it's nowhere near as over as I'd like. I don't think I'd be able to read through another book filled with endless longing and blablablah, but we'll see.


  1. I had similar feelings about this one. Anna just cries way too much for me to really like her.

    1. Yeah, she was just too weak character for me to like. I wouldn't say I'm utterly disappointed, just expected more from her :)