My not-so-brief introduction

IMPORTANT! I recently changed my email: it's hotcoffeebooksandchocobar@gmail.com!

Thank you so much for dropping by wanting to know more about me!

This blog got started in 2009, when I didn't read anything but books written in my native language, Estonian. If you have had a similar situation, I'm sure you soon discovered, that no matter how fast and often new books are published, getting hold of them is time consuming and sadly expensive. It first carried a title Confessions of A Bookaholic. I even managed couple of entries, but after a month it was forgotten.

In November 2011 I accidentally discovered a wonderful site called GoodReads. Yes. I see you nodding. Either in shared excitement or in barely controlled rage. I've noticed that there are two type of people. Ones, who worship the pages of the sacred GR domain and the ones who'd watch it burn and dance around the remains. My love for the site wont interfere with your enjoyment of my reviews, I rarely mention anything related to it.

For that time I had already consumed unimaginable number of books both in English and Estonian as well. I started reading different reviews of books I had previously read and found myself shaking my head vigorously, or at times nodding enthusiastically. And that's when I was sucked in to the world of blogging and writing book reviews. I plan to carry on writing and recently started taking part in trades with debut-authors exchanging reviews for ebook copies. It's fun and keeps me busy!

Now, If miraculously you're still on the page, I'll give you a quick look into my everyday world as well. I'm a 20 year old college student, living in Estonia (small country in Northern Europe). We have 3 months of horrible weather and then 3 more months of bad weather. I love it here! I live right next to the sea, it's beautiful.
I'm majoring in anthropology. After two years I still love it, but it gets getting harder to keep my focus.

I love reading (obviously) and writing and reading FanFiction. I have started my own stories as well, but it's really hard continuing :D I have studied Japanese for two years and plan to carry on with it. My dream is to someday visit and most likely study or work there as well. I have a small black cat called Akira. He's the sweetest. I'm also practising shotokan-karate. It's a wonderful way to keep the mind and body healthy and connected.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my blog or reviews or just wish to chat about your favourite books :) Leave me a comment here or write me at hotcoffeebooksandchocobar(at)gmail(dot)com

Much Love,


  1. I'm a new follower (#85) and I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I love your blog. Check out my blog at www.stuffedshelves.com I look forward to reading more great reviews from you!

    Have a great week!

    Much love,
    Liz @ Stuffed Shelves

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you SO much! It means so much to me, hearing that someones out there reading my blog! Much love!