Friday, 14 September 2012

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzgerald

*4 stars*

I really enjoyed it! A nice, easy storyline of a first love. No endless drama and tiring love-triangles. Sweet story about family and career.

It was this kind of book, which while reading seemed really good, but after finishing it's hard to remember exactly, why? The whole adorableness seemed to be centred around the readers emotions. The problems seemed really realistic and searching for the solution together and growing up was pretty life-true. The awkwardness and unfamiliarity of a budding relationship made me smile, Sam and Jase were cute! I think the clever use of our feelings against us made a simple story rise out from the rest.

I could really picture the Garrets household, with all their scattered toys and outgrown lawn. Yet something in that pictures gives off a  warm, comforting feeling. They had each other and it was more important than anything else. Samanthas mother was a strong contrast. Seeing her get more and more distant and dedicated to work. I hate guys like Clay. At least he was easy to see through.

My another favourite relationship was the one between Tim and the Garrets. It was awful seeing him fall into a deep hole, unable to climb out. Reading about Tim and the help coming from the most unexpected sources, gave me so much hope! I wonder how many families are there, like his? His parent were despicable, gah. I hated their guts!

The only thing about the book, which bugged me a little, was the ending. It just kinda... ended? So many loose ends and it felt rushed. I would have liked to know, what happened to Nan, to the rest of the Garrets, to Tim. I felt a bit let down, that after a great tale I was left without a satisfying finish. But I still dare to recommend it! A couple of days read, a tale without exaggerated drama, realistic take on parents and children relationship and finding your own place in the world.

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