Monday, 19 December 2011

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments #1)


I didn't even wan't to read this book. On Goodreads there was an awful lot of negative critizism. But, which book doesn't, right? What got me reading were the quotes actually. Quirky and funny, if the whole book were like this... 

“That's why when major badasses greet each other in movies, they don't say anything, they just nod. The nod means, 'I' am a badass, and I recognize that you, too, are a badass,' but they don't say anything because they're Wolverine and Magneto and it would mess up their vibe to explain.”

It kinda was. I mean I was maddly giggling on my bed, listening an audiobook, at 3 A.M. Seriously? I don't even remember, which book last managed to make me laugh that much.

Jace was a perfect match  between a villain and a hero. He didn't go around raping the girl he confessed to be maddly in love with, like so much dark heros tend to think equals ultimate love. He was the type of guy who burning down your house and laughing still managed to look tender and romantic. And Clary? I loved her as well. She didn't whine about wanting both of the guys. She made her choices (indeed, back and fort, but anyway) and she lived with it. And the famous second lead! Simon, I luff you as well!!! Behind a whimpy kid there's an actual character. An actual story that was interesting! And the best side character, Magnus. I think I died laughing.

“Magnus, standing by the door, snapped his fingers impatiently. "Move it along, teenagers. The only person who gets to canoodle in my bedroom is my magnificent self."
"Canoodle?" repeated Clary, never having heard the word before.
"Magnificent?" repeated Jace, who was just being nasty."

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins


To write this review,I waited for a couple of days to pass, so I would be able to say someting at least moderately nice and all I could muster up is - What the hell just happened?

I mean, at first I was reading a totally amazing book and then in some point it turned out to be a most horrible and lame endings ever. I just can't express my disappointment in the latter half of the book. I enjoyed the first two books, loved them and now.... I just feel empty. WHYYY? There was so much potential, so much to love. *sigh*

I don't even want to waste my time, to give the book a lenghty review. I'd just end up cussing... However, I remember the feelings I had while reading the first two books and in the end, I guess it was worth it. I'll just have to pretend that the last book never happened.

Currently reading: City of Bones- Cassandra Clare

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins


I finally finished the second book in The Hunger Game series and all I can say is, it's breathtaking!
I was listening to an audibook, and at the other half of the book I was just clinging to my headphones for dear life!

I loved the idea of them going back to the arena again. The moments of public unity and rebellion made me clutch my poor iPod tighter. Shivers ran down my spine, listening about the news about upsrisings and the idea of President Snow gnashing his teeth somewhere made me want to yell hooray in the middle of a bus!

The first half was somewhat slower. In times, Katnisses indescisiveness drove me crazy! Once she wanted Gale, then again Peeta. She clung to both of them, yet all the time reminding us, she won't accept neither of them.

I loved all the characters. Cinna was my personal favourite. It made me wonder, what his story was. I have a feeling, we might see him again in the 3rd book. The brute, Haymich. The sarcasm laced into his character makes him almost my 2nd favourite. How he manages to hide his sharp mind behind the drunkeness. Surprisingly, Plutarch Heavensbee is another character whom I seriously like!

The cliffhanger would have been the end of me hadn't the third book been out already. It was perfect! There were slower parts, which I might have done without, but it's amazing, how after such a magnificent first book, she manages almost as stunnig sequel!

On to the third and last book in the series - Mockingjay!

Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife : Pride and Prejudice Continues - Linda Berdoll


The writing is bad. Very bad. The sentences are ridiculously long, pointlessly long words used. Something like"betwixt"is at first laughable, but seeing it on every page becomes tiring and outright aggrivating. I mean, "..he kissed her betwixt the shoulders..." Seriously? Like one of the reviewers brought out, I can't help but to wonder did she even bother to check the definitions or blindly trusted her Thesaurus?

Her ideas are slightly better, than her sentences. Through the mist of messy sentences, parts still managed to make me smirk. It feels like by accident, she manages to come up with rather humorous and in-character moments: "Bingley bounded from his seat, hand outstretched to Darcy, "I say, Darcy, come sit by the fire or you shall catch your death!" (Mrs. Bennet would have been very alarmed. Were three days enough time to take pneumonia and die?)."

I hate leaving a book unfinished, but reading it was painful. I skipped dozens of pages and cringed at others, before at page of 75 I abandoned all hope. Nothing. Ever. Happens.
I recommend it to no one!. At times she managed to somewhat replicate Austens style, but most of the book was just miserable. After a horrible start it's bearable for awhile, yet in all, it's utter ridiculousness. Absolutely out of character and dear Ms.Austen would turn in grave upon seeing the destiny of her characters.

Don't waste your time. It's not worth it.

Monday, 5 December 2011

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins


Oh. Wow.
I just finished with the first book in The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. And even though I was listening to an audiobook I have to say the experience was breathtaking. It took me just two days to finish.

I picked up the book somewhat reluctantly. Bestsellers often tend to be too overrated and end up disappointing me. The beginning was nice, but nothing extraordinary. A rebellious girl trying to maintain and support her family after her fathers death. With her best friend she hunts in the forbidden woods etc.
And then, boom! The Reaping Day and on the the Capital and the Hunger Games. The readers are swiftly swept into a totally mesmerising and twisted world of the rich and poor. What is the right thing to do? The game over life and death in portrayed on the border of game and reality, keeping the readers totally captivated.

One of the issues I had while reading was the character of Katniss. She turned out to be quite an egoistic one, instead of the nobody-cares-about-me-and-doesn’t-even-know-I-exist type introduced to us in the beginning. The constant reminder of how everybody is watching her and “I’m definitely on the screen” kind of attitude tired me pretty soon.
Also, I would have loved to see more of Gale and Cinna - two of my instant favorite characters. Peeta was very sweet, but that’s kinda all there was. I see, why the overall romance was importad, yet still, I would have done better with less of it.

Still, the whole book was breathtaking. In some point I discovered myself gasping for air in the bus, while listening to the audiobook, sadly it doesn't happen often. Definitely recommend it to anyone up to a good action

Now, can't wait to get on the book two - Catching Fire.