Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa (The Iron Fey #1)

*4 stars*

For a change, I wanted to try something different from vampires, aliens or werewolves. So why no Fairies? I've only read Fairy Fantasy once before, so it's rather empty landscape for me.As a bonus, the cover was absolutely magnificent, drawing me like a moth to the flame.

While about one third of the book, I started to have my doubts. I know a good book needs time to develop, but, when will we get anywhere? was my constant question. Petty distractions kept happening and filling the pages with pretty nothingness.

Once Ash came into the view it got much more interesting. Megans and Ashes relationship, condemned from the start, was strangely attractive.  My favorite scene was when it first started to Rain in the Iron Fey land. Ash held Meghan and retold his memories. It was sweet and really touching.

Grimalkin, Cat Sith, was one of my favorite characters. He so reminded me of my cat! The superior attitude, constant licking and cleaning, random disappearances. And the best, the all conclusive explanation to every worry in the world, "I'm a cat!" *Sigh* I wish my cat could talk.

Fairies have always equaled cold, vicious and beautiful in my book and even though I haven't read many Fairy stories, it still felt faintly familiar. We had Shakespeare's Titania, Oberon and Puck in a very traditionally fairyesque settings. The fairy landscape is still pretty empty in literature world (at least compared to other supernatural creatures like vampires, angels, etc). I hoped for some new twist to pull me completely into the magical world, but it never fully happened.

However, the Iron Fey territory was a complete opposite I've ever associated wit fairies. Artificial and lifeless, but really captivating and original. I just loved the little pack rats! And you can't get much more adorable from a blushing and squeaking one!  

I liked the main story very much, but quite frankly it was plain boring at times. At times it was so slow, screaming for more action and at the next moment swords flashed and baddies fell right and left. The ending fortunately left me satisfied and happy. I will continue the series, especially as it's complete already. I hope we get to explore the fairy tale world a bit more and have some serious talk between Ash and Meghan.

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