Sunday, 29 April 2012

Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost (Night Huntress #1)

*3 stars*

Not the most gripping book out there, but I must say I liked it. Not all books can be devoured through, it gets tiring.

I read it about 4 chapters at a time. I liked the fiery characters of both Cat and Bones, but that was almost all that there was. The plot wasn't overly complicated or difficult to figure out. Just enough to keep me going.

The biggest flaw for me were the one dimensional characters. I didn't feel they had their own stories... Reading about jealousy and coping with developing feelings is also fun, but not if the whole book delves around it!

What I really liked was how the author portrayed the vampires. I loved the green glowing eyes! All the other supernatural abilities were already familiar. Porcelain skin, speed and strength.

It was fun for the first couple of hundred of pages and then somewhere around chapters 20 and 25 I got so incredibly frustrated with Cat! It was her indecisiveness. I love him, I don't etc. I did love Timmie. Watching him almost wet himself every time Bones appeared was hilarious. Can't say I blame the poor guy. Bones was rather territorial.

I better not open my mouth on Cats Mom character. The only scene ever that redeemed her in my eyes a teeny bit was the ending, when she wordlessly and voluntarily took Cats hand. I like to think she felt the pain her daughter went through, but who knows really. She could have been barking mad seeing demons on every corner and I couldn't have cared less.

The ending left me with opposite feelings. It was refreshing seeing not the usual fairytale ending, but the one with a touch of realm. Yet, at the same time I was unjustly disappointed. Walk away from your true love? Maybe. But the ties of the family tie you down tighter than anything else. I loved how she refused to be looked down on by the cocky agents. I'm almost even looking forward to the training lessons. At least she left a brief explanation. Considering all the reasons, Cats actions were pretty smart. However, I have a strong feeling that Bones won't be the one to take No for an answer.

I'll most probably carry on with the series, I'm interested enough to see where the road takes our heroine and if the author has managed to create a bit more creative plot line, just not yet.


  1. hmmm... everything I have heard about this series is everyone gushing about how much they loved this series. I haven't read it yet but, I just wanna check it out since so many people seem to like it.

    your newest follower,

    1. Hey Kristin! I think you should try it. You'll figure out pretty quickly if its for you or not. I still haven't read the second book. Someday when I have more time, I will.

  2. Cole's talent for weaving paranormal romance continues to shine in her latest installment of the "Immortals After Dark" series. Strong characterization, settings that readers can breathe in, danger in many ruthless forms, and a heady pace are key ingredients to another winner, and definitely present in this novel. A few sections had the potential to slow then entire story to a crawl, but Cole avoided this common writers' trap with style.

    1. Hi Canada! I haven't read the new series yet, but as I rather enjoyed this one, I'll check it out, sound interesting! Thanks!