Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Leopard Moon - Jeanette Battista (Moon #1)

Another try for ARR. This time I had a chance to review the Leopard Moon. 

*4 stars * It took me two days to finish. It was compelling and fun, but at times a bit too dragging. A little too much time was spent on various descriptions or just characters wandering and thinking aloud.

From the first chapter on the book looked really promising. The author took time to introduce the characters. It really helped me to get into the story. We are introduced Kess, a were-leopard, who for the past year and half has been running from her family. Or more specifically, her brother. Sek was a wonderful villain. He was so obsessed with his ideas, he ceased to believe in everything else. It was almost sad. There really was no chance for him. For some reason I enjoyed seeing him combine his almost child-like belief and calculating clan-leader moves.

I've read plenty of other shapeshifter stories, but I've never run across were-leopards or were-bears for example.The tension between species and were wars were a refreshing change for a werewolf VS a vampire.

The wolves were sweet. Even though each and every one of them seemed to be huge and hot and perfect. They were so carefree, fooling around and keeping together. Like a wolf-pack. Almost the exact opposite to Kess's feline family. I really like that the author decided to play on the polar differences and preferences of cats and "dogs".

I was so glad, that for once there was no love triangle. I've almost tarted to think, that a good romance needs a condemned third wheel. The romance was clean and simple. Both had tried dating, but hadn't clicked well with anyone yet. It wasn't a marriage at first sight. It seemed natural, not forced. Finn with his inability to stay away from females and his special restrictions in the Barn made it hilarious. Big hugs to Finn. He's such a sweetheart.

The telling point was also done well. It shifted between different characters, yet always staying in third-persons view. I've recently run across only first-person stories. This book made me discover, I actually prefer that type of narrative. First person view might help you to better identify with the heroine, but the third person made the whole story flow more easily.I'm tired of endless inner monologues on theme "should I leave or should I stay?" 

And lastly, there's the cover. *sigh* It really isn't half that bad. But why, oh why does it have to be THAT cover. Of all the possible pictures out there. Oh well. From the editors side it was good job. I didn't notice any major spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Paragraphs were clean and nice, the font readable. Grudgingly I have to accept, that even the cover is good. I do recommend it to anyone looking for a good paranormal shapeshifter romance. Quick paced and fun with lots of likeable characters.

Now I'm on to the second book in Moon series, Jackal Moon. Let's see where the road takes Kess, Cormac and Sek.

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  1. Sounds like a good book. And no love triangle? That will be refreshing. Great review!

  2. Were- leopard? Lol. I am not sure I can stand another were wolf/vampire story. I feel they get too mush after a point. But lack of a love triangle should make a bit different. :)

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    1. Yes, a solid romance made it a rather refreshing read! I checked your blog as well, great review on the Book Thief!

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    1. Hello Pam! Sorry for the very late reply, I only now got some time to check my poor, abandoned blog :(, but thank you SO MUCH for nominating me for Liebster Award! It means a world!