Monday, 7 May 2012

General Blog Update! + The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa (Iron Fey #2)

Happy Monday!
I'm finally starting to know my way around in the huge world of book bloggers. It's awesome! I've also picked up some designing tips and gave my blog a new face. I'm really happy with the outcome!
Exams are nearing, oh no! Sadly that means even less time for books. I only get to read couple of chapters a day. And because of that I've decided to abandon my long-time policy of not doing reviews on series! That way I can celebrate every read book :) Also please do continue being awesome and let me know your thoughts! I appreciate each and every one!

*5 stars*

The second book in the Iron Fey series surprised me pleasantly! I loved this book so much more! I guess the time needed to truly get into the series finally paid off! At times the storyline seemed a bit cliché, but somehow I still managed to understand her feelings. I enjoyed watching Meghan grow "an iron backbone" - both, she and Ash grew up so much!

It picked off right where the Winter Passage left off. (If you haven't read the 60-something page novella you didn't miss out anything crucial, but I do recommend it! It showed us extra scenes of developing feelings, thus setting up a base for a smooth transition. And it was just sweet mush at times, just what I needed!)
Seeing Meghan go through some misery and pain as well for a change of only happy-go-lucky was much needed. Nothing forces us to mature quicker than a broken heart. 

However, what seriously got on my nerves was the same-old same-old Noble-Idiot syndrome. I understand we can't jump right to the happy ending, I really do! But stretching pointlessly the unnecessary tension and then suddenly abandoning all the previous objections. *sigh* A creature as old as Ash should already know better.

I can't say I didn't' love Puck, but I enjoyed seeing him suffer. (Somehow it sounds much more sadistic than it should.) For me, he never had a chance with Meghan so I followed his pursuits with almost clinical interest. I look forward to seeing him again, but only to see him accept defeat. A bit cruel, but what can I say? I enoy well written unrequited love.

I loved the unseelie side characters as well! Redcaps and bogeys in the wardrobe, yelling "My closet!" Great explanation to our childhood fears with lots of good humor.

Already reading the next installment. The books only seem to get better (which sadly is pretty rare), if only I had enough time to inhale the pages!


  1. I don't know why, but Meghan just... ugh. UGH.

    She annoyed me in this book.

    Perhaps I SHOULD have read Winter's Passage, because I really didn't understand why Meg was going around proclaiming love for Ash when she hasn't really known him long. Plus Ash treated her like a rag for the first 70 pages.

    Do you know if Winter's Passage is still free? I remember reading somewhere that it was. Or something.

    Anyway, good review.

    1. Hey Isabelle! Thank you so much for your review! I really suggest you try the Wither Passage, you can read it online here: - it's only around 60 pages.
      There's no excuses for the way Ash acted, I agree, but I think it was necessary for Meghan to grow up and for Ash to finally understand the magnitude of his feelings. The indecisiveness was the worst, but once they made up their mind (one way or another) it got better.
      I hope you'll continue with the series, it only gets better!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed this sequel! There were really frustrating parts in this book but everything still went really well by the end. I was so happy by the ending of this book. I nearly died when I though Meghan's not gonna go with Ash! The third book is way better! That's my favorite of the series. Hope you like it. Great review, btw! :))

    Eunice @ Book Overdose

    1. Hello Eunice! I'm so glad you enjoyed my review! The ending left me giddy as well, you just can't help but love Ash! I'm currently reading the Iron Queen and i LOVE it! Out of the three the best yet! I'll definitely review that next!

  3. Hi NightQuest! I found your blog through goodreads and wanted to stop by and say hi! I am really digging your blog, love the layout! I am also your newest follower!

    I have all of the Iron Fey books, but I have only read books 1&2. I love Julie Kagawa's writing and have been anxious to finish the rest of the series. But I have been soooo busy with my own blog, reading and reviewing requests from authors that it's hard to sneak in read just for pleasure alone!

    Great review(s) (read the review for book 1 as well :)> I definitely will be stopping back! Feel free to come stop by my blog sometime! New book buddies are always welcome!

    Best Wishes,
    Mia at The Muses Circle

    1. Hello Mia!Thank you so much for your kind words! The greatest compliment is the knowledge that someone appreciates you work :)
      I finished with the 3rd book and I loved it! However, I won't read the 4th yet. It's always difficult for me to keep reading series, even when I really like them. SO someday I'll be sure to do a review on The Iron Knight as well.
      I visited your blog too and wow! I hope someday my blog will look as awesome. Personalizing the blog is much harder than I thought!