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Believe - E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever (New England Immortals #1)

Hooray! My very first try at ARR (Author-Requesting-Review) Program - a chance to receive a copy of a new book in exchange of an honest review. I'm really excited and thankful for the opportunity! Also, a huge thank you for the author E. for providing me with a copy!

*3 stars* (Grading the book was really difficult. The quality of the books VS how much I enjoyed it = 2/4. So I decided to compromise.)

Before I even start I have to get one stone off my chest. I don't like the cover. I'm sorry, but I don't. There are so many ways of editing a picture and this is not one of them. What's with the wings? Without them and the not-so-well-done editing it already would've been a lot better. A serious error also lies with the title. It's almost unnoticeable and unreadable. I imagine the most important part of the cover should also be one of the first things to notice. But enough of this. On with the review.

The first thing I noticed while reading was the writing style. I'd advise to at least have the book read couple of times before publishing. The faulty grammar, messy sentences and frequent spelling mistakes made it really hard to follow.

Waiting for the book to get better, is kind of dangerous. It always needs extra effort, trying to read something you're not instantly attracted to. In this case, the patience paid off. The first 2 chapters scared me pretty bad. As often with new authors, the start was rather rocky. Overuse of metaphors and adjectives made the sentences stiff and unnatural. Sentences, like I chuckled to myself, because I like to laugh, so I chuckled at the thought of laughing. It's a big NoNo. One Doesn't chuckle at themselves! I feel the book would do so much better, if it had gone through editing.

Andreas stuttering throughout half of the book over Uncle Gregs horror stories and paranoia quickly grew tiring and distracting.  Half-finished sentences and repeating words is not a way to let the readers know when the character is constantly thinking of something.

The beginning is pretty cliche, the mysterious stranger who has been haunting your dreams for awhile, suddenly pops up, showing uncomfortably strong interest in your character and saves the day. However, I loved Andreas reaction to it all. "Why in the world did he do that? I’m not completely helpless," gotcha. Finally a girl, who doesn't find stalking strangers attractive.

The relationship between Shane and Andrea however starts off really well. I like their interaction. It's fun hearing her thoughts and then seeing her actions. So different, but put together they work just like a girl. But the whole dating thing after just meeting twice is a bit of a stretch for me. I believe in an  instant attraction, but jumping straight into a relationship? Hmm.

Once I get to know Andrea, I really started to like her character. It's so rare for me to like the heroine. It's usually the best friend or some third character, that wins my affection. Drea however, is exactly the kind of girl I like. A girly girl, without being overly so. The only thing bugging me in times, was the sincerity of her feelings. How can you be okay with the idea of your dead Mother actually being alive or having to break up with the love of your life? I don't think you can just shrug and move on. But I'm really grateful we were saved from the 5 chapter long angst ride. So I'm really not complaining.

Already around chapter 4 the action piqued up a notch withe the appearance of Shane. In around chapter 10 we witness Andrea first finding about her mysterious family legacy. I didn't quite buy her reaction to all that information. She accepted everything too lightly, with almost no proof whatsoever. Uncle Greg started to get on my nerves as well. I pretty much got the idea, that he's obsessed with vampires and other superstitions alike, no need to stress it hundred and one times. In two thirds into the book is where the real action starts. The plot is thick, yet still logical and easy to follow. The ending left me satisfied and happy I had decided to keep on reading.

However, I just can't look past at the editorial faults in this book! I am a flexible person, I was able to look past the changing fonts and continuously misspelled words. But I know lots of people, who just can NOT do it. If you are one of them, I'm sure your eye is twitching already, so I'd strongly advise you to skip it.

I hope to hear more of Ms Grimm-Weever. The world she built was interesting, with twists and lots of supernatural action. The only advice from me would be to invest into a good editor, so more of the readers could enjoy the adventures of Andrea Dayla.

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