Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Night Dessert #1

You Favourite Type of YA Hero?

Lately I've ran across this question a lot. So what is my perfect hero like?
First, I'd start with good boys VS bad boys. For some reason I'm all the way for bad boys. Good guys are just... good? I'm a type of person who needs constant changes in my everyday life and action. Nothing major, but I can't sit still as well. I also can't stand guys staring lovingly at the girl for a whole day, only sighing from time to time. A guy, who tells you what he wants is so much easier. (Of course they need their own spunky heroine, who puts them back at their place, hah!) The banter is half-the fun for me. 
For example, let's think of Daemon, from the Lux series. Hmmm... How would you feel when he pulled you from your braid, all the way smiling sexily? Yeah. Me too.

And then there are these good guys, who send you flowers and blush when you look them in the eye. I just managed to make myself shiver. There's always one adorable girl sitting under a tree during the lunch break, whose as tender and full of blushes. But it's not me. A strong modern girl needs someone strong enough to lean on. My personal quirk is the silent brooding types. Think of Professor Snape from the Harry Potter series, remove 20 something years and set him into your world. Full of hidden passion, powerful and strong. And when finally he meets the girl strong enough to crack his shell, there's explosion loud enough to turn every head in the hallway. 
*fanning herself* Well, yes. That's what I think anyway.

When we look at the covers of some of the most successful YA romance novels, the guys are indeed swoon-worthy. "True beauty is hidden inside," doesn't sound very convincing when you have a hottie staring  from every cover. The sad reality is, that the outer appearance matters. However, I don't mean it the strict sense. Let me remind you that I'm the one finding Professor Snape with his way too thin built and greasy hair attractive, okay? I mean the aura surrounding him. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. And a looks can burn. Another thing under the appearance, is the self-confidence. If you believe in yourself you subconsciously hold your back straighter and your jaw high, that all together builds that mysterious aura. 

It's absurd how trough adds we are forced to believe, that being sexy means having a rock hard stomach and a certain hair style. Please! If only walking around shirtless would make up for lack of any sensible conversation. So, after all that it's no wonder I haven't found my perfect hero yet. However, I've had my fair share of close calls. 

I loved for example Gale from the Hunger Games. I never understood the deal with Peeta. My brain just can't comprehend what happened at the last half of the last book. Then there's Daemon of course *evil grin* Oh I loved him! He sure knows how to make you mad enough to see red and the next moment he whispers in your ear to make you blush from head to toe. I also liked Ash, his royal iciness, from the Iron Fey series. I loved the up kept and intelligent aura around him. He had great passion inside him. And then there was Jace, from Mortal Instruments, our poor, suffering ego-maniac. I wouldn't be able to put up with HIS self-confidence, but I did love his character anyway. He was a lot of fun.

So here you go, my thoughts on the "perfect guy" and the twisted ideals of beauty.
But let me know of your perfect guy, who'd make your knees go weak!

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