Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa (The Iron Fey #3)

*5 stars*

The third book in The Iron Fey series starts better than any previous! Or maybe because of already familiar universe, but I was instantly drawn into the battle between the Fey worlds.

Back are all our old friends and many new faces as well. Grimalkin is still the same, constantly disappearing know-it-all. He's such a cat. Gremlins, especially Razor, were awfully sweet as well, calling Meghan Master and all. So trusting and self-sacrificing, almost like little electronic dogs. 

As it appears, our dear Ash does have a possessive streak. And I think it's great! The chemistry between them was half the fun for me. It brings so much more life into the action. Ash was amazing. His emotions made me really feel his character. His pain and depth. At times the next move was rather obvious, but could you blame him? His feelings were so fragile. He's such a darling!

As always Puck was cool as well but I don't understand the big commotion around his character. His chipper attitude seems to suffer from a pretty blunt refusal, with what ironically he's stuck. Peevish and sneaky, but nowhere near stealing the spotlight.Oh well. He very much reminded me of Peter Pan, with his boyish character and desire never to grow up.
Yet I liked his more sinister half as well. Made him more a "real" character for me. I really could imagine him lounging up on a tree and munching an apple. Sharp-tipped ears and blazing red hair, leering down at you strangely. Brr, wouldn't like to run into him much.

*At the end of chapter 8* - Could it get any more awesome? Til now my most favourite chapter! Just aww! "...feeling left out Grim?" Now I want a fairy-best friend, fairy-boyfriend and a fairy-cat. 

An the ending. Oh god! I have no words to describe it! I take back all the previous words about immature and rushed decisions. It hurt me and gave me hope all anew, it played with my emotions and I loved it! Julie Kagawa managed to keep the tension up to the last sentences.

Song of the Day: Rise Against - Savior 

(I started adding ♥ to all of the books which made me want to fall face first into my bed and pound the pillow, all the way grinning like an idiot! This book definitely earned it! So much love.)

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