Thursday, 11 October 2012

Marked - P.C. and Kristin Cast (House of Night #1)

*5 stars*

After a really long time finally one paperback! I've gotten so used to ebooks I had forgotten exactly how good it felt! This book didn't make me fall face first into bed and giggle, but it kept me constantly focused with a weird smile on my face.

I have to say, it was really easy to get into this book. I liked Zoey, her humor and sarcasm made me laugh. Zoey reminded me a lot of myself. The ability to completely forget the most important appointment for the day and then conveniently remember it like 2 minutes before. "Oh, hell!" I so agree Zoey :D For once again this take of vampires was new to me. Apparently their existence was a public knowledge and they were even researched by scientists. I also liked the theory (or in that case, the lack of it) how the Trackers chose people and Marked.

The book gets a quick start and Zoey gets thrown in the middle of everything. I feel the need to point how pathetic her perfect family was. John was really a gigantic narrow-minded and hypocritical step-loser. I really liked, how they blew everything over the top and still keeping it believable. But I think that there are families out there like hers, and most definitely like Damiens. He was such a sweet guy, making fun of his own gayness, yet still being so incredibly alone. I really hope he finds someone! I liked Erik as well. It was fun reading everyone squirm every time he came close! Her whole "circle" was awesome! Their loyal and always behind her back ♥

I also really enjoyed how Nix played the central role in the whole story. How she has been the same for the beginning of times, just with different names, choosing special people to carry out assignments. And the Mystery of the Big Bad made me also twitch and want to read even quicker. I even enjoyed the descriptive parts with rituals and circle casting. I could really picture the rooms and Zoey in the midst.

However, I much preferred, when vampires were referred as vamp instead of vampyres. This word bugged me. I'm glad it wasn't in every other sentence, I'm not sure, I would have enjoyed it as much then.

Overall, I really really liked the pace of the book. It was interesting all the time, without being overly fast. I have already started with the next installment called Betrayed, and it follows the already familiar and nice style. Warm recommendations to everyone!


  1. Totally agree. With everything. I am meaning to read the next books. The series is so long though!

    1. Hey! Thank you for the kind comment. Now I'm almost halfway through the second book and it's getting even better! I'm usually skeptical about long series as well. They tend to get repetitive easily, but I have high hopes for The House Of Night series!