Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife : Pride and Prejudice Continues - Linda Berdoll


The writing is bad. Very bad. The sentences are ridiculously long, pointlessly long words used. Something like"betwixt"is at first laughable, but seeing it on every page becomes tiring and outright aggrivating. I mean, "..he kissed her betwixt the shoulders..." Seriously? Like one of the reviewers brought out, I can't help but to wonder did she even bother to check the definitions or blindly trusted her Thesaurus?

Her ideas are slightly better, than her sentences. Through the mist of messy sentences, parts still managed to make me smirk. It feels like by accident, she manages to come up with rather humorous and in-character moments: "Bingley bounded from his seat, hand outstretched to Darcy, "I say, Darcy, come sit by the fire or you shall catch your death!" (Mrs. Bennet would have been very alarmed. Were three days enough time to take pneumonia and die?)."

I hate leaving a book unfinished, but reading it was painful. I skipped dozens of pages and cringed at others, before at page of 75 I abandoned all hope. Nothing. Ever. Happens.
I recommend it to no one!. At times she managed to somewhat replicate Austens style, but most of the book was just miserable. After a horrible start it's bearable for awhile, yet in all, it's utter ridiculousness. Absolutely out of character and dear Ms.Austen would turn in grave upon seeing the destiny of her characters.

Don't waste your time. It's not worth it.

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