Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins


I finally finished the second book in The Hunger Game series and all I can say is, it's breathtaking!
I was listening to an audibook, and at the other half of the book I was just clinging to my headphones for dear life!

I loved the idea of them going back to the arena again. The moments of public unity and rebellion made me clutch my poor iPod tighter. Shivers ran down my spine, listening about the news about upsrisings and the idea of President Snow gnashing his teeth somewhere made me want to yell hooray in the middle of a bus!

The first half was somewhat slower. In times, Katnisses indescisiveness drove me crazy! Once she wanted Gale, then again Peeta. She clung to both of them, yet all the time reminding us, she won't accept neither of them.

I loved all the characters. Cinna was my personal favourite. It made me wonder, what his story was. I have a feeling, we might see him again in the 3rd book. The brute, Haymich. The sarcasm laced into his character makes him almost my 2nd favourite. How he manages to hide his sharp mind behind the drunkeness. Surprisingly, Plutarch Heavensbee is another character whom I seriously like!

The cliffhanger would have been the end of me hadn't the third book been out already. It was perfect! There were slower parts, which I might have done without, but it's amazing, how after such a magnificent first book, she manages almost as stunnig sequel!

On to the third and last book in the series - Mockingjay!

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