Saturday, 10 December 2011

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins


To write this review,I waited for a couple of days to pass, so I would be able to say someting at least moderately nice and all I could muster up is - What the hell just happened?

I mean, at first I was reading a totally amazing book and then in some point it turned out to be a most horrible and lame endings ever. I just can't express my disappointment in the latter half of the book. I enjoyed the first two books, loved them and now.... I just feel empty. WHYYY? There was so much potential, so much to love. *sigh*

I don't even want to waste my time, to give the book a lenghty review. I'd just end up cussing... However, I remember the feelings I had while reading the first two books and in the end, I guess it was worth it. I'll just have to pretend that the last book never happened.

Currently reading: City of Bones- Cassandra Clare

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