Monday, 27 August 2012

Another update: I'm alive afterall!

Hello hello hello! Yes. I'm glad to let you know I'm not dead, I have just been hibernating, like I like to call it. (How not-so-surprising it has been to notice a ton of posts with similar headline.) My wonderful reading summer has passed with three almost finished books. Rather pathetic, if I may say so myself, but I guess my brain needed a rest from all the super-awesome adventure-filled time consuming YA books. I'm still a huge nerd and been collecting ebooks to my e-library, knowing, that once the peaceful summer is over and the sudden shock of "real" life hits me again,I'll be in a desperate need of distraction. Last two months just laying in the sun, sleeping, watching movies and eating good food was just a build up for the upcoming season.

However, I haven't been absolutely useless xD I have a horrifying number of unfinished reviews and posts on topics I probably will never complete. So what I though I'd do is that in near future, I repeat near future, like in a week or so I'll combine them all in a huge post :D So yeah, here you go. My entirely useless summer might not be so useless after all.

And another completely acceptable explanation to my slacking off is the publishing date of Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout!!! I just could not make myself concentrate knowing that soon there was going to be a new hot piece of alien to chew! And now it's upon us! I'm almost afraid to read the book I've been ridiculously obsessed with for the past half a year. I'm so close to finally getting it and once I've finished, there's NO doubt you'll miss it.

I also decided to pick up the famous Game of Thrones, knowing it might be the next couple of decades until the two last books are released... and this far (73%) I have to say I love it. I love the world, the characters, even the show! But I'll try to keep my rambling to minimum. For now. Mwhahahaa. So in a nutshell, here you have my summer. Yay! Let me know how yours was. A bit more productive I hope? See you soon my lovelies ^^

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