Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer


I really am back. After almost two years of absence and couple of miserable entries I'm ready to try again. This time, however, I'll be doing it in English. Simply because most of the literature I read is in English and I feel more comfortable this way.  A great reason for my return is a wonderful website 
I just recently discovered it and already I've piled up a whole list of books I can't wait to read.

As a first entry I thought I'd use my review I wrote for Twilight in 

 really didn't expect to end up defending the book. I enjoyed reading it, but once again, don't look for a literary experience. Her text is full of grammar mistakes as well as plotholes. The whole idea was really rather predictable and way too simplistic, and still, it ended up being rather entertaining and I enjoyed it.

I really don't think this book deserves all the harsh criticism given. I won't deny, that the writing style is somewhat naive and self-repeating, but still, I feel the objective of the book was just to provide innocent entertainment.
The fact that Stephenie Meyer made her vampires sparkle, was frankly speaking up to her. I have read a good deal of classical and modern vampire literature and yes, based on existing books, they're a bit too boringly perfect in everything times two. Yet I even somewhat appreciate her try to come up with something new. Ice cold skin or color changing eyes are all familiar, I feel that her vampires are okay that way.
As of Bella's clumsiness and whiny attitude - I feel without it, it really wouldn't have been the same. A whole lot of people actually act this way all the time in everyday life. Bella at times used sarcasm, got angry, made some decisions and fell down, hurt herself and overall seemed really helpless. All together, with the help from Mr Perfect, it worked out rather well.

I'm not a fan of the series and definitely not of the movies, yet it did manage to keep me reading at a fairly fast pace. It's nothing I'd read again for any literary pleasure, maybe on a 12 hour plain flight... 

Currently reading: The Hunger Game by Suzanne Collins

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