Sunday, 29 April 2012

Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost (Night Huntress #1)

*3 stars*

Not the most gripping book out there, but I must say I liked it. Not all books can be devoured through, it gets tiring.

I read it about 4 chapters at a time. I liked the fiery characters of both Cat and Bones, but that was almost all that there was. The plot wasn't overly complicated or difficult to figure out. Just enough to keep me going.

The biggest flaw for me were the one dimensional characters. I didn't feel they had their own stories... Reading about jealousy and coping with developing feelings is also fun, but not if the whole book delves around it!

What I really liked was how the author portrayed the vampires. I loved the green glowing eyes! All the other supernatural abilities were already familiar. Porcelain skin, speed and strength.

It was fun for the first couple of hundred of pages and then somewhere around chapters 20 and 25 I got so incredibly frustrated with Cat! It was her indecisiveness. I love him, I don't etc. I did love Timmie. Watching him almost wet himself every time Bones appeared was hilarious. Can't say I blame the poor guy. Bones was rather territorial.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Flowers in the Attic - V.C.Andrews (Dollanganger #1)

*5 stars*

I really just stumbled on this book by accident and wow! It must the one of the most fascinating stories I've read this past year. It has been already two weeks since I first finished it and yet all the characters are vivid and alive before my eyes. It made me think. To put the book down and really think.

I had so many favorite parts I remember clearly even after two weeks that  I don't even know where to start! I loved it! It was amazing!

Flowers in the Attic wasn't typical YA with laugh out moments, it was haunting. After a little research about the book, I discovered it had been pretty famous at time. I must have missed it, I had never even heard about the author. I found a lot of critique and nitpicking about the writing, but really? I was so consumed by the emotions I hardly noticed!

First I was mesmerised by the synopsis. The idea of a loving mother locking her darling children up to the attic and the struggles the kids had to go through to maintain mental and physical health as well as be parents to their little siblings and raising them. It was terrible and absolutely mesmerising.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout (Lux #1)

*4.5 stars*

Hello again!
This time I decided to pick up J.L.Armentrouts "Obsidian", the first in Lux series. Once again in paranormal YA genres. What makes it surprising pick for me, is that firstly, it's about aliens. I don't like aliens. Quoting Kat, they're meant to be slimy and green. Vampires and werewolves are as far as I go, I've never been a big fan of sci-fi. However, there has been a lot of talk about it recently, and it piqued my interest. Secondly, I generally try to avoid series not complete yet. The wait is a killer! Keeping it all in mind, I still went on and read it.

At the beginning it reminded me of Twilight. I can't but my finger on it. Something about Kats character - the unnoticeable, a bit clumsy and not overly beautiful girl, moving from big city into a really small town. Then there's Daemon - a hotty with an unreasonable grudge against Kat. The air is thick with sexual tension. BlaBla. However the moment Kat looked Dameon with terror in her eyes, asking if he'd start sparkling I was won over 100%. Go Kat!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 1)

I really yearned to read a good, SINGULAR book - the start and an ending securely between the covers. The wait between and the cliffhangers are according to previous experience just slow and painful death However, books getting popular in last couple of years seem all to be series. It'd be all good and I do love reading, but the more riskier it is for the author and as well for the reader. The skill to keep the us interested is I think the hardest to accomplish. I hate picking up a series, loving and adoring it to bits only to be totally crushed and disappointed in the end - Hunger Games, I look at you!

But on to the book. I was rather excited about the idea of Greek gods walking around in our modern world and the mortals living blissfully happy and oblivious in their own lives. Making America the center of Western Civilization made me cringe for a minute. Of all the places, really? But in order for the action to take place in the States, OK, I let it go. And I must say, it really was not that ridiculous as the idea might sound. The author really has a way of reasoning. Like the use of dyslexia, to cover up the inability to read anything but ancient Greek fluently. Genius!

I'm also a sucker for a innocent lonely heroes. The scene beside the river, the grand discovery of Percys father and the reactions of the other cabins and Cyron... I loved it! It made me shiver.